Commercial foreskin restoration devices

Use of commercial restoration devices is not essential. Anyone can restore perfectly well using tapes and home-made pieces of equipment. However many commercial devices avoid using tape which can be advantageous. NORM-UK does not advocate the use of any specific device and they are listed here for information only.

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  • Comparison Chart A very useful page comparing the pros and cons of many non-surgical restoration methods and devices.
  • Stamen Products A new selection of devices made in Britain by a NORM-UK member. 10% discount offered to all NORM-UK members.
  • Versatile dual-action device that can be tapeless or combined with tape and worn with or without a strap.
  • The PUD The PUD (Penis Uncircumcising Device) is a specially shaped stainless steel weight that is taped into place. Available in two versions.
  • TLC Tugger and Your-Skin Cone A tapeless device where two shaped silicone parts grip the skin comfortably between them. Tension is provided by elastic straps which can be attached to the leg or the shoulder. The Your-Skin cone is one half of the Tugger device that can be used on its own to hold the skin over the glans, improving sensitivity without restoration.The TLC Tugger online store also sells good quality elastic straps in three different colours, very useful for T-Taping if you don’t want to make your own.For a limited period NORM-UK Members can get discounted rates on TLC Tugger products.
  • Tug Ahoy The original tapeless device, similar in principle to the TLC Tugger, created and patented by James A. Haughey.
  • Cat II Q Another tapeless device that works on a similar principle to the Tug Ahoy, but with an added push rod, plus it doesn’t have to be removed for urination.
  • Foreballs Weighted device similar in principle to the PUD. Two stainless steel bearings are joined by a stainless steel rod. The smaller ball is placed against the glans, shaft skin is pulled forward to cover it and it is taped in place.
  • Second Skin Cones A set of different sized cones that can be urinated through.
  • 4Restore Stainless steel weight and push-rod device, a sort of a cross between the PUD and the CAT II RO.
  • Pre-made T-Tapes If the idea of messing around cutting up bits of surgical tape every day turns you off then these pre-made cloth T-Tapes could be just the thing you need. Straps also available or could be used with the straps from the TLC Tugger store.
  • CUT/UNCUT rings Silicone o-rings that hold the skin in place over the glans
  • No-slip suspender clip For making tension straps

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