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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in 15Square,
from joining our events to telling us your story.

Become a member

Being a member of the charity is a way for you to have a voice, and to help us through education of the general public. Membership is not restricted to circumcised men, and our members presently include men and women from a variety of ages, races, nationalities and religious denominations.

  • National representation on issues involving the foreskin and circumcision

  • Various discounts and offers, including discounts on TLC Tugger products

  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

  • Subscription to our quarterly journal delivered by e-mail.

  • Access to premium content on our website.

Membership is paid by a donation of at least £30 each year (cannot be anonymous donations).

Join Today!

Tell your story

Please tell us how loss of your foreskin has affected you. You consent to publish, your story and nom-de-plume to appear on our site. Your name and other information will not.

Join an event

AGM & Conference

October 28 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fundraiser Event

1 August , 2018

Event Fundraiser

12 July , 2019


Volunteer at 15Square

We need people with skills to help run this charity.  If you want to volunteer, please fill in the form below. You are only allowed to submit this form once. You may reapply with updated details after 1 year.

Get Involved


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John’s Story


Circumcised as a baby, John never found out why, until in 1967, as a medical surgeon, He found himself operating on a small boy whose foreskin was too tight to retract.


Donate Now


Please donate today by giving what you can to help change the lives of thousands of men, parents and children, suffering from foreskin problems.


Speak to our professionals

We offer confidential and anonymous support and advice