Aims of 15 Square

Our charitable objects are:

“To advance the education of the public in all matters relating to circumcision and other forms of surgical alteration of the genitals, including alternative treatments and offering information and advice on such matters.”

To achieve this we aim to:

Raise public awareness and encourage rational debate on the medical and ethical issues.

  • Work with professional bodies to ensure that they have all the information they need to formulate objective clinical guidelines and policies.
  • Promote further research into the effects of circumcision on sexual function and sexual response.
  • Ensure that medical practitioners are aware of the damage caused by circumcision, and what alternative treatments are available.
  • Work with and support groups who question circumcision within religious communities.
  • Ensure that patients and parents offered circumcision are being given full and impartial information and providing proper written consent in all cases.
  • Hold to account any part of the medical establishment that is shunning its responsibilities or providing incorrect information and ensure that they do not get away with it.

The Nordic Ombudsmen for Children and paediatric experts have produced a joint statement on circumcision which says:-

The Nordic Ombudsmen for Children in conjunction with pediatric experts therefore wish to work towards a situation where circumcision without medical indication may only be carried out if a boy, who has reached the age and maturity required in order to understand the necessary medical information, chooses to consent to the procedure.




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