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Do online petitions work?


If you are based in the UK you may have signed or are considering signing the petition calling on the UK government to ban male circumcision for under-18s on non-medical grounds. Here is the direct link: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/111265 If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament. At the time of [...]

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Record keeping


A report in The Local in Denmark states that a database of boys circumcised in Denmark was kept without the proper authority and will now be deleted after intervention by the health minister. However, the Danish People’s Party spokeswoman Liselott Blixt said that her party supports a legal database over circumcised boys. The database was [...]

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The majority of enquiries we receive are from teenage boys who are having problems with their foreskin. A few years ago we put a survey on our site asking teenagers what they had been taught about their foreskins, how much they knew about the function of the foreskin, if they knew what circumcision was, if [...]

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The use of Un


However in a letter to the editor in Clinical Anatomy the writer, William G Wallace from The Department of Biology, College of Staten Island, New York argues the case for Redefining Human Penis Types. He says that the use of the prefix “un” in some cases can convey the idea that a previous condition had [...]

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