French surgeon fined for heavy sexual damage after circumcision


A Frenchman gets the conviction of the surgeon who circumcised as an adult. The court acknowledged sexual prejudice and moral damage following the lack of information on alternatives to circumcision.
Early 2016, the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) in Paris has ruled on a dispute between a patient to his surgeon, member of the French Association of Urology.

In 2007, then aged 26, the patient is circumcised by his surgeon on indication of a phimosis . Not only the surgeon does not inform him of the risks and consequences associated with this action, but it fails to offer him

less invasive.

Deeply affected by the injury, especially any loss of sensitivity to the removal of the foreskin , the man victim of this operation has decided to sue the surgeon to court and won the case.

After an expertise which revealed that the surgical indication was put in an "arbitrary" and further that the operation had not been carried out properly, the Paris Court sentenced the surgeon to almost 32 000 euros compensation:

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