For family, friends, partners and others

You may be consulting this page because you are worried about a partner, a friend or family member who you believe could be affected by their circumcision. Unfortunately the psychological damage that can be caused by Family, friends, partners and otherscircumcision in some men is not always recognised as a condition, something which we are working to change. In the meantime, family and friends are left to try and help those struggling with problems. Sometimes it may have been a family member who may have caused the problem. Family members may have given up, or distanced themselves from the situation. This may be due to a lack of understanding about the situation or feelings of helplessness. You may sometimes think that your efforts are unappreciated or that you are less important to the men than their problem Trying to work with someone who may be traumatised by circumcision can require patience and can feel like an uphill struggle. It can be exhausting and may take a toll on friends and family members who are emotionally invested in the situation. That is not to say there is nothing you can do. There is still hope. How much that can be done will depend on your situation. We hope to start workshops and events for partners. In the meantime please share your experiences by completing the form below. Please read other partners’ stories. You are not alone.

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