Foreskin Restoration

Many circumcised men want to restore what they have lost.

Foreskin restoration is a logical step in returning the penis to as close to its original condition as possible.

Restoration cannot give back the erogenous tissue and nerves amputated at circumcision, but can create a more natural looking penis.

How does it work?

The restored foreskin functions as the original might have. It enables the epithelium of the glans to soften and return to a much higher level of sensitivity.

Non-surgical stretching of the shaft skin is the most common method of restoration, by providing a gentle and consistent tension on the remaining shaft skin. The natural response of the skin to this tension is the production of new skin cells. Thus a foreskin is grown through natural augmentation.

Stretching does take time and dedication. Men who have restored report that it has been worth the effort, has elevated their self-esteem, and improved their sex lives. NORM-UK member Alan Wood is one such man, and he shares some of his experiences here in Restoration or Renaissance?, an article originally written for NORM NEWS.

Unfortunately for anatomical reasons e.g. insufficient residual shaft skin or hypospadias, non-surgical restoration may sometimes not be possible.

We can help

NORM-UK members receive NORM NEWS, a free quarterly magazine including information on restoration, news/views and comment. Our members can attend regular support group meetings which provide a safe environment to share their concerns and exchange information on restoration.

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NORM-UK has produced the world's first video guide to restoration, which you can buy a copy of here.

Links to Foreskin Restoration Sites

Whilst NORM-UK links to these sites in the belief that they are suitable for and of interest to our visitors, we are not responsible for their content.

Foreskin Restoration FAQ at CIRP
Listed in the British Medical Journal, CIRP is the most respected library of circumcision information on the net. This page provides answers to many key foreskin restoration questions.

New Foreskin
An elegant new site describing one man's approach to restoration with accompanying images and Flash animations.

Why Should I Restore? (NORM USA)
A comprehensive analysis of the benefits of restoration from NORM in the USA

Techniques and Links
A well established and popular personal site outlining different techniques with photographs and links to other resources

Open Directory - Foreskin Restoration section
'The largest human-built directory on the web' lists several foreskin restoration sites.

Kevin's Foreskin Restoration Site
A British site with plenty of information and an online store selling restoration hardware.

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