Guide to Treating Phimosis | A Phimosis Journey

Excellent self-help blog from a man with phimosis

Does your foreskin retract? Can you easily move it below your glans, and get it back up again? If not, you have tight foreskin (phimosis).

Babies are born with tight foreskin. It protects their penis from contaminants. Skittish parents and doctors often hurry toddlers along using steroid creams. Left on their own, 50% of boys will have full retraction by age ten. By age 17, 99% of men should have already stretched their foreskin all the way down.

If you are an adult and you have realized that you have phimosis, this page is for you. The discovery can be traumatizing. It was for me! I created this blog to help you. You can read about my story from the start.

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