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Information & Support

At 15Square our primary aims are to Help, supply information, educate and give advice on tight foreskins (phimosis) and unwanted circumcision in the UK.

For Men

We are able to offer help and support to circumcised men who want to restore their foreskin using conservative techniques and men who are experiencing problems with their foreskin and wish to avoid circumcision.

For men who want to keep their foreskin, Circumcision should be the last course of treatment for a problem foreskin. We have two booklets , the first ‘Alternatives to circumcision’ is designed for the layman describing the techniques available to restore full function to the foreskin. The second booklet ‘Clinical Guidelines for the management of phimosis’ is designed for medical professionals.

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For Teenagers

The main bulk of enquiries we receive through our website are from teenage boys who are not taught about the function and care of the foreskin. These queries are referred on-line to a number of doctors, who offer them confidential advice and support.

If you are male and between the ages of 12 and 19, please complete our online survey. This is completely anonymous and asks nothing personal. It would also be a great help if you could pass the link onto your friends.

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For Parents 

The normal intact penis needs no special care. We give parents information on its structure and development so that they can advise their son on the care of his penis as he grows up.

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For Media

We are able to provide resources for media including video and audio content, interviews, facts, figures and people willing to be interviewed.

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Medical Information

The use of circumcision for medical or health reasons is an issue that continues to be debated. Here we discuss the physical and psychological harm and complications.

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John’s Story


Circumcised as a baby, John never found out why, until in 1967, as a medical surgeon, He found himself operating on a small boy whose foreskin was too tight to retract.


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We offer confidential and anonymous support and advice