TV drama on genital cutting entitled JOY

I am indebted to one of our US colleagues who has posted a link on Facebook to a movie short on Female Genital Mutilation aired on HBO in the USA. This well-done TV drama is entitled JOY. It’s very easy to see the parallels between all forms of genital cutting (both female and male). The movement has come quite a way when this subject matter is being sympathetically portrayed on TV.

There were some interesting comments on Facebook but the following one
particularly took my attention

‘What’s interesting is that this actually happened in America, except when the mother fled with the child, the father dragged them to court and had the State mandate the mutilation while throwing the mother in jail. This is perfectly analogous to the Heather Hironimus case. The father wanted the mutilation because it was the “normal” thing to do, the mother did not because she recognized that it was a damaging procedure. The father insisted, Heather fled, the father then went to court and had the State mandate the mutilation. This film ended somewhat happily because the mother fled and the State would defend her. Heather fled but instead of the State defending her they threw her in jail and let the father take the child in for the mutilation. It’s so disgusting and is a massive failure on the part of our government and culture. I feel like I’m living in an Orwellian nightmare.’

There is one main difference however. In the Hironimous case the child
was a boy.



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