What Intact Men Say


Dr Peter Ball MB,B Chir

Last updated on 26th October 2009

NORM-UK has been talking to intact men about their foreskins

These extracts are presented anonymously

WARNING: Contains some explicit content

"I would sorely miss that piece of skin."

"When having sex with a woman I can feel the ridged band rolling on and off and over my glans inside her."

"The frenulum is very nicely stimulated by vaginal intercourse."

"It is the act of the rubbing of the foreskin under the ridge of the glans that starts to bring pleasure."

"With the foreskin I can masturbate without lubrication."

"I rather enjoy my foreskin being chewed on, I do not know about intercourse except it just feels good."

"I do conclude that the movement of the foreskin back and forth is very important to achieving maximum pleasure for me, I’d hate to be circumcised."

"The sensation of foreskin retraction is very arousing, it’s something that is enjoyed and if allowed to take awhile to enjoy is incredible."

"The foreskin I feel does help with stimulating me sexually and also with pre-cum too this helps the lubrication between my glans and the foreskin."

I love having foreskin, it is an additional dimension to an already charged erogenous zone.

"My foreskin is sensitive (pleasurably so) when my penis is flaccid or erect and plays a great part in my sexual activity and pleasure."

"the vaunted gliding motion of the foreskin is the key, but so is the tingling of the foreskin itself; uncut men seem to have the capacity to get and keep erections more easily, and have multiple orgasms"

"when the glans is covered, every movement of my foreskin along the shaft can trigger an orgasm, but by far most stimulating is rubbing the frenulum inside my foreskin"

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"My foreskin has as much sensation as the glans. The inner foreskin has so many nerves that retracting it and massaging it can trigger orgasm. Once I conducted an experiment by wearing my foreskin back for over a year to determine if the circumcised penis glans lost its sensitivity. It does! The exposure of the glans to air and the friction of cloth is a horrible numbing .... Once I concluded the experiment and returned my foreskin to its proper place, the intensity of my glans returned two fold, as did my preseminal volume. I am radically against circumcision and believe it should be made illegal"

"[The Frenulum] twinges more when erect but is very pleasurable and often stretched more when approaching orgasm to enhance the pleasure"

"Any sex play with the foreskin, especially the inside is extremely arousing and pleasurable. A special pleasure is having the inside of the foreskin stimulated with the tongue while the glans is covered"

"The best feeling I get during mastrubation is when the foreskin is brought back on the glans on the upward movement and backward on the downward movement. With precum running between the foreskin and the glans I can go on for hours"

"I can only really masturbate properly when the foreskin is not retracted"

"I love my foreskin. I am glad I have it. I love its total package, protection, appearance flaccid and erect, its smell, its form, its function"

"Everything works together. It would be hard to imagine it without either glans [or] foreskin. It seems to be a system with each taking a predominant role at different times but all together at the end"

"when erect, it is really pleasurable to have the frenulum stretched and the sensation when the area is touched is amazing"

"always enjoyed having the tip of my foreskin rubbed as the inner skin was really sensitive"

"Because my foreskin is so sensitive and covers the head during erection its great to have it used properly during oral sex or masturbation"

"Also I enjoy flicking the foreskin overhang back and forth. This seems to cause me to jack off involuntarily. The nerves in the overhang (I guess they are called lips) are awesome"

"The very end of my foreskin has the most sensation- just the feeling of my foreskin sliding back and forth across the head of my penis feels more pleasurable than to achieve an orgasm"

"I never want to part with my skin"

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"The most stimulation and the greatest orgasm occurs when the foreskin is pulled back and forth over the glans , but is not quite fully retracted"

"I cannot imagine masturbation, intercourse or any other form of sexual activity that involves my penis without a foreskin. The foreskin provides so many sensations that would be lost if it were removed"

"I prefer the feeling during intercourse and masturbation of the foreskin not being retracted fully until near the end"

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