What we do

Over the years since NORM-UK started, we have been contacted by increasing numbers of men, boys and parents who want information about the management of foreskin conditions in order to avoid circumcision and from men experiencing problems from circumcision.

What we do

  •  We work to spread understanding and to influence attitudes and opinions relating to the physical and psychological damage caused by circumcision
  • We advise on restoration techniques for those who may wish to re-grow a faux skin
  • We advise on conservative treatments for those who want to keep their foreskin
  • We offer support to anyone supporting a family member or friend
  • We offer training for agencies and professionals
  • We network and work in partnership with other organisations

We still find that circumcision is often recommended by doctors as a treatment for conditions such as tight, non-retractile foreskin (a condition known as phimosis), and for infections of the glans and foreskin (known as balanitis or balanoposthitis). In some cases non-surgical treatment is not considered, and experience shows that it is often worth trying non-surgical measures, and only resorting to circumcision when these have failed.

Restoration techniques may help to grow skin to cover the glans. recreating the natural appearance where there is coverage for the glans or tip of the penis.

One of the aims of 15 Square is to develop contacts with counsellors who can provide help for any psychological damage relating to a circumcision.


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